Stray thoughts about The Wolf of Wall Street

3 months after it was released in theaters, a month after it was nominated for 5 Academy Awards, and 5 days after it was released on DVD:

(minor spoilers insofar as you can spoil a film based on a book and historical events)

  • Criminal underuse of Coach Taylor, who could teach Jordan Belfort a thing or two about charisma that doesn’t go hand-in-hand with depravity. Your three hours would be better spent on FNL.
  • Entire driving force of the film was “ok but what will allow me to continue taking quaaludes”
  • I was bored and I’ve never even witnessed a single full-fledged frat party. It’s hard for me to imagine that Greater America, which I assume has seen a full-fledged frat party or two in its day, wasn’t also bored. 
  • Why were there so many piles of leaves scattered around his estate property? Multi-million dollar home on seven acres of land, and no lawn keeper.
  • This article about the plane orgy scene was more interesting than anything in the movie itself. 
  • This movie had, by my estimation, seven or eight ending points. Did not need a three hour film to hammer home the jerk/crook/idiot Wall Street trader stereotype. 

"One way to avoid killing your heart is to decide that you will spend your whole life growing up. I am not saying you should aspire to the maturity level of the characters in Hot Tub Time Machine; I am suggesting we resist a life that looks, in line-graph form, like it goes up and up and up and then it stops, and then it levels out, and then it stays on that flat plane until death. I hope to live a life that goes up and up and up until the end, with the inevitable dip here and there. I hope to continue to learn and change.

"Coveting youth also needs to be dealt with. I’m not afraid of being old; I’m afraid of being afraid of being old, which for some reason appears to be an inherent part of being old, because the examples out there of adults who aren’t trying to turn back time are few and far between. But a fear of aging turns every second into your enemy. It means that your worst nightmare is constantly coming true, unless you choose to die, which is a terrible choice to make. I generally like life—it lets me do things like eat good food, watch good TV, and have good friends—so I’d hate to have a bitter relationship to it, to hide from it, to dread it. I’d rather not romanticize a lack of knowledge. I’d rather be a wizard or a mad scientist or a walking encyclopedia. I’d rather get on with things than spend every day super pissed that we haven’t yet figured out time travel.”

—Tavi Gevinson in the December 2013 Rookie Mag editor’s letter. Let’s stop living like this. 



Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPnotquitea

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